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Writer's Block: Grammy Awards
What song is stuck in your head?

Right now...it's mix of..

Soft kitty
warm kitty
little ball of fur
Sleepy kitty
happy kitty
pur pur pur

Pumped up kicks by Foster the People, and I turn my camera on by Spoon.

hey. hello. hi.
This is my journal that I had forgot about. Originally made by me, for me. But, what the hell, I don't feel motivated to write in these things if it's private. Though, I am quit boring, so I'm not sure who'd actually want to read this. My other journal is lessthanstellar It's about my life as a whole, I guess.

About me-- I'm a 27 year old girl (women? no, that doesn't seem right.) I am whoever I want to be, at any given moment. You could meet me five times, and it will most likely be a different person every time. I am fond of animals, all animals. I definitely prefer them over people, sometimes...most of the time. They don't mind when I walk aimlessly around..wherever, talking to myself. They don't judge, and they love you as long as you love them back. I also love, love music. I play guitar (anyone can play guitar, if they choose to, but can you play well? I however, cannot. But, I'm okay with that.) My favorite type of music, I guess would have to be classic alternative. I like Pearl Jam, Silverchair, The Cure, The Smiths, Joy Division, Midnight Oil, Pixies, Talking Heads, ETC. Are those all considered alternative? I suck at knowing genres of music. I suffer from a chronic condition called--I'm effing lazy. I'm also unmotivated most of the time. I have the attention span of a rodent...whatever that means. Do rodents have short attention spans? I tend to be pretty quiet at times, other times, I love to ramble on and on about almost anything and sometimes, about nothing at all. I tend to be pretty quite at times,and I'm extremely introverted. I do like making friends, and I am usually quite friendly :).


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